14 Free Content Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Published on Mon May 25 2020

Content Marketing! Sounds like a really tough thing to do. Well! In this world where every other human being is waiting out there to consume content, it gets more and more challenging for content marketers each day. The competition is high, the work is hectic and you just have 24 hours a day. Well! that's what content marketing tools are for. They make your tough job a lot easier.

Here are some free content marketing tools that have helped thousands of content marketers to get more productive.


Grammarly is an excellent tool for fast writers. Sometimes, while you write fast because you don't want to miss out the point you have in mind, you don't focus on grammar errors. Grammarly does that for you. When you write a sentence Grammarly quickly highlights spelling and grammatical errors, writing style errors, and unnecessary punctuation. In the free version of Grammarly, you will get almost all the features you mostly need.

Google Docs

Google docs is a tool where you can write your content. It is also a great tool when you want to collaborate with other team members. With smart editing tools, easy to share document and variety of downloadable type options, google docs is simply a time saver.

Google Trends

Google trends is again an incredible tool by Google. When we content marketers run out of niches, google trends will help you to discover the current trend. It gives you a complete report on what people are searching on google based on the time period and their location. It also discovers related queries to your keywords that people look for. Using trends you can easily come up with topics that are meaningful and relevant to your audience.


Do you have a content plan on your mind and need a platform to execute it? Well! That's where WordPress will help. Wordpress is a complete support system for content creators looking to build their website. It's easy, it provides credibility, and offers all kinds of support. You can simply sign up and start building your website eliminating all the major tech efforts. Pick your design, pick your plugins, start writing and save a hell lot of time.

Are you looking for some tips for your next content marketing plan? Here is the complete guide to content marketing that will help you to build an engaging content marketing strategy. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

To make our headlines engaging and SEO-friendly, we content marketers always put a lot of effort. Well! It is surely the most important thing while rolling out content. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule will analyse your headlines and provide a rating based on how well it will perform. It considers the headline length, the keywords and the sentiments of a headline.


Ubersuggest is an amazing tool to generate keyword ideas. If you get worried whether a keyword will work or not, Ubersuggest will you give the complete stats. It will tell you the search volume, SEO difficulty, paid competition, CPC (cost per click) for each keyword that you search. Along with the details of the keyword, Ubersuggest will also give more keyword suggestions and content ideas.


Do you want to make a quick infographic or a poster without using photoshop? Well! Canva will do it for you. Canva has beautiful design templates for all kinds of marketing collaterals. From social media posts to any event brochure you will find all kinds of templates that will save your time and help you to create attractive designs.


Do you wish to know which content is working for you and which is not? Google Analytics is here for you. It will help you to measure your site's performance. You will get insights to understand your customers and their behaviour. And that will help you to make smart decisions for your content marketing plans.


Yoast is a WordPress plugin, the most helpful one for SEO. If you have a website on WordPress, this plugin will assist you to make your site as search engine friendly as possible. With all the recommendations that Yoast provides, you can easily optimize your content.

Content Idea Generator

Are you just stuck with the same old content titles? Content idea generator got your back here. You simply need to type in your keyword or keyphrase. This tool will start giving you endless content ideas to work on. So no more looking through hundreds of blogs on the internet to search for headline ideas.

Search Console

This tool by Google is my favourite. Search Console gives you insights on your Website's search traffic and performance. Using this tool you can get all the details like on which keyword ranks your website on google? On which position does your website rank for a particular keyword? How many organic impressions or clicks your website got? You will find just everything you need to know about your website's organic reach.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer is a chrome extension. You can easily view the search value of any keyword directly in google search results. It not only gives you the details for the keyword you searched for but also provides you with the details of similar or other related keywords. This tool makes it easier for content marketers to identify the best keywords to use.


Quora is a perfect platform to share knowledge. People here ask questions about just everything in the world. And content marketers can easily share their content with their relevant audience benefiting them. It's a complete win-win!


Do you ever have writer's block? Are there times when you know you can think of a better word but can't really think. Well! Thesaurus is the most reliable dictionary that will help you when you are stuck. Not just that, it also provides many synonyms for each word. So when you run out of words, you can simply look for similar words and get more creative.

My Final Words

So, these are some superb content marketing tools that every content marketer should use. They are all free to use and will help you to get more productive. So, optimize your content using these free content marketing tools. There are thousands of more such tools, so keep exploring and make the most of it.